Are Costa Sunglasses Made in China?

Are Costa Sunglasses Made in China?

The eyewear industry has a vast global footprint, with countless brands dotting the market, each promising superior style, comfort, and protection. Costa Sunglasses is one such brand. Noted for its high-quality performance and fashion eyewear, the brand is often a subject of interest, specifically concerning its manufacturing origins. This article aims to delve into whether Costa Sunglasses are made in China and the overall manufacturing processes of the brand.

A Brief History of Costa Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses

Before exploring the manufacturing locations, it’s essential to understand the origins and ethos of the brand. Costa Sunglasses, officially known as Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, was founded in 1983 by a group of fishermen in Florida. They had a clear goal: to create sunglasses that could stand up to the harshest conditions while offering absolute clarity and comfort.

Over the years, Costa has evolved and expanded but always stayed true to its roots. The brand has consistently focused on producing glasses primarily for outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who frequent waters, with their patented 580 lens technology which is well known for providing superior clarity and protection.

Are They Made in China?

There is some ambiguity concerning the exact manufacturing locations of Costa Sunglasses due to the global nature of the eyewear industry and the specifics of the company’s manufacturing policies. As of my knowledge cut-off in September 2021, Costa Sunglasses are not solely made in China. While it is possible that some components or specific models may be manufactured in Chinese facilities, it is not the main production hub for the brand.

However, the manufacturing scenario may change as the brand, like many others, constantly looks for viable manufacturing and assembly options that offer efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Customers who wish to know the exact manufacturing location of their specific product model should refer to the information on the product packaging or contact the company directly for the most accurate information.

The Production Journey of Costa Sunglasses

Costa Sunglasses prides itself on quality and craftsmanship. While the specifics of their manufacturing locations might be fluid, they have rigorous standards and processes in place to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality products.


Costa Sunglasses begin their journey as designs on a computer screen. Designers consider various factors like current fashion trends, ergonomics, target demographics, and specific use scenarios (like fishing or water sports) while designing each model.


Once the designs are approved, they are sent for manufacturing. The frames of Costa sunglasses are made from either a bio-based nylon derived from the castor plant or metal, while the lenses are made from either glass or plastic. The brand ensures that all the materials used are durable, lightweight, and comfortable for wearers.

Lens Crafting

A defining feature of Costa sunglasses is their patented 580 lens technology, which is known for reducing harmful blue light and enhancing colors. Whether they’re glass or polycarbonate, every lens goes through a precise process of tinting and coating to ensure the highest optical clarity.

Quality Check

Costa carries out rigorous quality checks at various stages of the manufacturing process. Every pair of sunglasses must meet stringent standards before it is cleared for shipping.

Ethical Manufacturing and Environmental Stewardship

As a brand that owes its inception to the love for the outdoors, Costa is heavily invested in ethical manufacturing and environmental sustainability. Their ‘Kick Plastic’ initiative aims to reduce their plastic use in a bid to protect the oceans. Costa Sunglasses’ manufacturing processes are designed to adhere to strict safety standards and ensure minimal environmental impact.

Customer Service and After-Sales Support

Costa’s commitment to quality extends beyond manufacturing. They offer excellent customer service, including a lifetime warranty for their sunglasses, which covers defects in materials or workmanship under normal use.


In conclusion, as of the last update in 2021, Costa Sunglasses are not predominantly made in China, though the brand utilizes global resources for manufacturing. The brand focuses on quality, durability, and environmental sustainability, irrespective of where the manufacturing occurs. Costa Sunglasses’ high-quality eyewear is the result of excellent design, rigorous quality checks, and the brand’s deep-rooted commitment to outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

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