How to Clean Oakley Prizm Lenses?

How to Clean Oakley Prizm Lenses?

Oakley Prizm lenses are renowned for their superior optical clarity and performance in various environments. However, for them to function at their best, it is imperative to keep them clean and free from smudges, dirt, and dust. This article will walk you through a detailed process on how to clean Oakley Prizm lenses. Keep reading!

Understanding Oakley Prizm Lenses

Oakley Prizm Lenses

What are Prizm Lenses?

Prizm is a technology by Oakley that fine-tunes the individual wavelengths of color to enhance the contrast and visibility. This allows for a more precise and detailed view of your surroundings, making them particularly useful for sports and outdoor activities.

Why Proper Cleaning Matters?

Keeping your lenses clean not only maintains the high-quality vision but also prevents scratches or damages which could be caused by the abrasive particles.

Gathering Cleaning Materials

Before you begin, it’s important to gather the necessary cleaning materials. The materials you will need include:

  • Lens Cleaning Solution (specifically designed for coated lenses)
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • A Bowl of Lukewarm Water (if needed)
  • Compressed Air or Lens Blower
  • Soft Bristle Brush (optional)

The Cleaning Process

Step 1: Dry Cleaning

Blow Off the Dust

Start by using compressed air or a lens blower to remove any loose dust or debris. This step is crucial as wiping the lenses with dust on them can cause scratches.

Step 2: Wet Cleaning

Prepare a Cleaning Solution

If dry cleaning is not enough, you will need to clean your lenses with a liquid solution. It is advisable to use a lens cleaner specifically made for coated lenses, as regular household cleaning agents may damage the lens coatings.

Rinse with Lukewarm Water

Before applying the cleaning solution, rinse the lenses under a stream of lukewarm water. This will remove any larger particles that could potentially scratch the lenses during cleaning.

Apply Cleaning Solution

After rinsing, apply the cleaning solution to both sides of the lenses. Most lens cleaning solutions come in a spray bottle. A small amount of the solution goes a long way.

Gently Wipe with Microfiber Cloth

Using a clean microfiber cloth, gently wipe the lenses in a circular motion. Avoid applying too much pressure as this can damage the lens coating.

Step 3: Drying the Lenses

Shake Off Excess Water

After you’ve finished cleaning your lenses, shake them gently to get rid of excess water.

Dab with a Dry Microfiber Cloth

Use a dry microfiber cloth to dab the lenses, absorbing the remaining water. Avoid using a rubbing motion as this might leave streaks or cause damage.

Let Them Air Dry

Finally, let your Oakley Prizm lenses air dry. This ensures that no additional pressure or potential contaminants come into contact with the lenses during the drying process.

Additional Tips for Maintenance

Store in a Protective Case

Always store your Oakley sunglasses in a protective case when not in use. This will shield them from potential damage and keep them clean for longer.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Never use household cleaning agents, as they often contain chemicals that can damage the special coatings on your lenses. Stick to cleaners specifically made for coated lenses.

Regular Cleaning

Make it a habit to clean your lenses regularly, especially if you use them in environments where they are exposed to dust and other debris.


Oakley Prizm lenses are an investment in superior optical quality. To ensure that they continue to provide the clarity and performance that they are known for, it’s essential to clean and maintain them properly. By following the steps outlined in this guide, and using the correct cleaning materials, you can keep your Oakley Prizm lenses in top condition for years to come.

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