Do Oakleys Come With A Case?

Do Oakleys Come With A Case?

Oakley, a renowned brand in the eyewear industry, is widely celebrated for its high-quality sunglasses and sports eyewear. Many people who invest in Oakley sunglasses often ask the question: Do Oakleys come with a case? In this article, we’ll delve into the question: do Oakleys come with a case?, and provide all the information you need regarding Oakley sunglasses and their accessories.

The Importance of a Sunglasses Case

Do Oakleys Come With A Case

Before we answer the question directly, let’s take a brief look at why a sunglasses case is an essential accessory.

Protection From Damage

A good quality case protects your sunglasses from scratches and other damages. Sunglasses are delicate, and a small scratch can affect visibility or ruin the aesthetics of the glasses.

Easy to Carry

A case makes it convenient to carry your sunglasses without the worry of them getting damaged or tangled with other items in your bag.

Enhanced Lifespan

By protecting your sunglasses from environmental factors like dust and moisture, a case helps in maintaining the quality of the glasses and enhances their lifespan.

Oakley Sunglasses and Cases

Now, let’s get to the crux of the matter – do Oakleys come with a case? The short answer is: Yes, most Oakley sunglasses do come with a case. However, the type of case that comes with your Oakleys may vary depending on the model of sunglasses and where you purchase them from. Oakley provides a range of cases, including hard cases, soft pouches, and microbags. Let’s break it down.

Hard Cases

Many of Oakley’s high-end sunglasses, especially those designed for sports and outdoor activities, come with a hard case. These cases are designed to provide maximum protection to your sunglasses. They are sturdy and help in protecting the sunglasses from any sort of impact, making them ideal for traveling and outdoor activities.

Soft Pouches

Some Oakley sunglasses come with soft pouches. These are usually made from microfiber material which protects the lenses from scratches. They are lighter than hard cases and are suitable for people who prefer something easy to carry around. However, they do not provide the same level of protection from impact as hard cases.


Almost all Oakley sunglasses come with a microbag. A microbag is a small, soft fabric bag that not only serves as a pouch to carry your sunglasses but can also be used to clean the lenses. They are very light and easy to carry, but like soft pouches, they don’t offer much protection against impact.

Purchasing Oakley Cases Separately

What if the Oakley sunglasses you bought didn’t come with the case you wanted? Don’t worry, Oakley also sells cases separately.

Customized Cases

You can purchase a customized case that suits your needs from Oakley. These cases range from the more rugged, hard-shell cases for maximum protection, to lighter soft pouches and microbags.

Replacement Cases

In case you lose or damage the original case that came with your sunglasses, you can always purchase a replacement case directly from Oakley or an authorized dealer.

Things to Keep in Mind

When purchasing Oakley sunglasses, it’s crucial to keep in mind the following points:

Check the Inclusions

Always check what’s included with the sunglasses. If you are purchasing online, read the product description carefully to see if a case is included.

Buy from Authorized Dealers

To ensure you get an original Oakley case with your sunglasses, always purchase from authorized dealers. Buying from unauthorized sources increases the risk of receiving counterfeit products.

Consider Your Needs

Determine what you will be using the sunglasses for. If you require them for heavy outdoor use, it might be worth investing in a hard case, either by ensuring the model you buy comes with one or by purchasing one separately.’


In conclusion, most Oakley sunglasses do come with a case, whether it be a hard case, a soft pouch, or a microbag. However, the type of case varies depending on the model and place of purchase. Knowing the importance of a case in protecting your investment in high-quality sunglasses, it’s crucial to ensure that you have a suitable case for your Oakleys. If your sunglasses did not come with the desired case, you could always purchase one separately from Oakley or an authorized dealer.

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