What Sunglasses Did Elvis Wear?

What Sunglasses Did Elvis Wear?

Known for his mesmerizing music and charismatic stage presence, Elvis Presley, often referred to as “The King of Rock and Roll,” made a substantial impact on popular culture. Yet his influence extended far beyond his chart-topping hits, also seeping into the realm of fashion. Among his many iconic style choices, Elvis’s sunglasses remain one of his most enduring fashion trademarks. The unique style and design of his sunglasses became synonymous with his image, etching a distinct mark in fashion history. This article will explore the answer to the question: What Sunglasses Did Elvis Wear?

The Signature Sunglasses: Nautica 140

Elvis king sunglasses

The Style and Aesthetics

Elvis Presley’s sunglasses weren’t just any ordinary pair. He was known to wear the Nautica 140, a model that is still highly coveted by fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. This distinct pair had an avant-garde design, which can be described as a blend between aviator-style and the oversized shapes popular in the 70s. They featured a gold or silver wireframe and a solid bridge that made them stand out.

The lenses were equally intriguing, often in a blue or brown gradient, though Elvis was known to occasionally switch to purple or even red for a more dramatic effect. These colored lenses not only added a hint of mystery and appeal to his look but also protected his eyes from the bright stage lights during performances.

The Personal Touches

What set Elvis’s sunglasses apart even more were the personal touches he added to them. These glasses often boasted his initials, “EP,” emblazoned in the top corner of the lens or along the arm of the glasses. Some pairs were even more lavish, featuring a lightning bolt—a symbol of his TCB (Taking Care of Business) motto—or a full Presley crest.

Other Brands and Styles

Although the Nautica 140 was his signature style, Elvis also donned other types of sunglasses. Many of these were custom made, but they all reflected his flair for unique and bold fashion.

Neostyle Boutique 649

Another famous pair that Elvis was seen wearing is the Neostyle Boutique 649. This model had a more pronounced square frame and a double bridge, adding a retro touch to his look. The frame was usually in gold and the lenses came in varying shades.

The Madison Square Garden Sunglasses

During his famed Madison Square Garden concerts in 1972, Elvis sported a distinctive pair of sunglasses. These had a dark, oversized frame, resembling the popular Wayfarer style. The choice of darker lenses added an aura of mystique to his on-stage persona.

Elvis’s Impact on Sunglasses Fashion

Elvis’s preference for large, striking sunglasses started a fashion revolution. Prior to him, sunglasses were primarily viewed as functional accessories designed to protect the eyes from sunlight. Elvis, however, transformed them into a statement piece, integral to one’s personal style.

Spurring the Oversized Trend

Elvis’s love for oversized frames significantly contributed to the popularity of this trend in the 70s. His iconic Nautica 140s, with their large lenses and unique wireframes, became the blueprint for many designs that followed.

Popularity of Tinted Lenses

Elvis also helped popularize tinted lenses. The unique hues of his glasses, ranging from vibrant blues to fiery reds, captivated fans and inspired designers. Today, we see a resurgence of this trend, with fashionistas and celebrities embracing tinted sunglasses.

Conclusion: The King’s Lasting Legacy in Sunglasses Fashion

From the oversized Nautica 140s to the square-framed Neostyle Boutique 649s, Elvis’s choice of sunglasses showcased his eclectic taste and fashion-forward thinking. More than just functional accessories, these glasses were an extension of his personality, and they remain an integral part of his iconic image.

Elvis not only changed music but also left a lasting impact on fashion. His influence on sunglasses style is apparent even today, as modern designs echo the bold and unique characteristics of the pairs he once wore. The King may have left the building, but his influence on sunglasses fashion continues to reign supreme.

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