What Sunglasses Did Macho Man Randy Savage Wear?

What Sunglasses Did Macho Man Randy Savage Wear?

When it comes to legendary professional wrestlers, few names stand as tall as Macho Man Randy Savage. Known for his flamboyant personality, charismatic promos, and unmatched in-ring skills, Savage captivated audiences around the world during his illustrious career. Along with his larger-than-life persona, Savage was also known for his unique fashion sense, which included his trademark sunglasses. In this article, we delve into answering what sunglasses did macho man randy savage wear.

The Aviator Shades: A Signature Look

Aviator Sunglasses

One of the most recognizable features of Macho Man Randy Savage’s attire was his choice of sunglasses. He often sported a pair of aviator shades that complemented his flashy and over-the-top persona. The aviator style, characterized by its large lenses and metal frames, became synonymous with the Macho Man’s look.

Aviator sunglasses were originally developed in the 1930s for pilots, providing them with maximum eye protection and reducing glare. Over time, they became a popular fashion accessory, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s. Macho Man Randy Savage embraced this trend and made aviators an integral part of his image.

The Classic Silver Frame

While Macho Man Randy Savage wore aviator sunglasses throughout his career, he predominantly favored a particular variation of the classic style. His sunglasses featured a silver metal frame that perfectly complemented his vibrant attire and larger-than-life personality.

The silver frame added an extra touch of flair to Savage’s overall look, enhancing his charismatic and flamboyant character. The sleek and shiny appearance of the frames not only reflected his unique style but also helped draw attention to his piercing eyes, making them a focal point of his intense promos and in-ring performances.

The Dark Lenses

In addition to the silver frame, the sunglasses worn by Macho Man Randy Savage were often adorned with dark lenses. The dark tint served both practical and aesthetic purposes. From a practical standpoint, the dark lenses provided protection against the bright arena lights, which were a constant feature of professional wrestling events. This allowed Savage to maintain clear vision during his matches and performances.

On the aesthetic side, the dark lenses added a touch of mystery and intensity to Savage’s look. They shielded his eyes from the audience, making it difficult to discern his emotions, thereby adding to his enigmatic persona. The combination of the dark lenses and the silver frame created a striking contrast that further contributed to the Macho Man’s iconic image.

Influence and Legacy

Macho Man Randy Savage’s sunglasses became an integral part of his overall look and contributed significantly to his larger-than-life persona. They have since become synonymous with his name and are often referenced when discussing his unique style and charisma.

Savage’s influence extended beyond the wrestling ring, as his fashion choices, including the iconic sunglasses, inspired a generation of fans and fashion enthusiasts. The aviator style regained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, in part due to Savage’s endorsement. His flamboyant and daring fashion sense served as a testament to his larger-than-life personality and left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling.


Macho Man Randy Savage will forever be remembered as one of the most charismatic and flamboyant personalities in the history of professional wrestling. His choice of sunglasses, particularly the aviator style with a silver frame and dark lenses, became an iconic part of his image. The sunglasses perfectly complemented Savage’s larger-than-life persona and added an extra layer of mystique to his already captivating presence.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Savage’s sunglasses also had a practical purpose, providing eye protection and reducing glare during his performances. Their influence extended beyond the wrestling ring, inspiring a generation of fans and fashion enthusiasts.

Even though Macho Man Randy Savage is no longer with us, his legacy lives on through his unforgettable performances, memorable promos, and iconic fashion choices. The sunglasses he wore will forever be associated with the larger-than-life personality that captivated audiences around the world, making them a testament to the enduring legacy of the Macho Man. We hope now you know what sunglasses did macho man randy savage wear.

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