How Deion Sanders’ Sunglasses Sales Soar Following Norvell Feud at Colorado State

How Deion Sanders’ Sunglasses Sales Soar Following Norvell Feud at Colorado State

Deion Sanders Capitalizes on Sunglasses Controversy Following Remarks by Colorado State’s Coach

In an unexpected twist, Colorado State coach Jay Norvell’s remarks have boosted the popularity of sunglasses associated with Deion Sanders. After Norvell commented about Sanders’ habit of wearing sunglasses and hats during interviews, it unexpectedly led to a spike in sales for Blenders, a sunglasses brand associated with Sanders.

Deion Sanders Sunglasses controversy

Norvell’s comments came ahead of an anticipated game between the Rams and the Buffaloes. He remarked, “I remove my hat and glasses when speaking to adults, a lesson from my mother.” This provided an unintended marketing advantage for Sanders and the Blenders brand.

Chase Fisher, Blenders’ CEO, expressed his delight at the turn of events, noting that the sales of the new “Prime 21” sunglasses skyrocketed following the controversy. “It felt like the stars aligned. The mention of sunglasses, combined with our collaboration launch with Sanders, was the perfect storm,” Fisher commented.

The Blenders Sunglasses

Deion Sanders Sunglasses Brand

Making the most of the spotlight, Sanders showcased his entrepreneurial side by distributing pairs of the Blenders sunglasses to sports celebrities including Stephen A. Smith, Pat McAfee, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. While some speculated this was a direct reply to Norvell’s comments, Fisher clarified it was a coincidental gesture Sanders had pre-planned.

The association between Sanders and Blenders took root when Sanders, known for his flashy eyewear, was approached by Blenders during his tenure at Jackson State. An agreement was made prior to the 2023 college football season, ensuring Sanders a share of the proceeds from the “Prime 21” sales.

The unexpected media attention and consequent sales surge caught Fisher off-guard. He remarked on the overwhelming communications he received, emphasizing it was more than he’d seen in over a decade.

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As Sanders’ team, Colorado, gears up for their match against Colorado State, their winning streak may not just be on the field. The newfound popularity of Sanders’ eyewear suggests the sunglasses might continue to gain traction.

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