Why Does Urban Meyer Wear Sunglasses?

Why Does Urban Meyer Wear Sunglasses?

Urban Meyer, an accomplished figure in American football coaching, has been a familiar sight on the field, known not only for his strategic brilliance but also his personal style. The man in question has frequently been spotted sporting a pair of sunglasses during matches, causing fans and observers to question why. While some might dismiss this as a mere fashion statement, there are more compelling reasons behind it, underpinned by practical and health-related considerations. So lets discover why does Urban Meyer wear sunglasses.

Reasons Behind Why Does Urban Meyer Wear Sunglasses

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Understanding the Man: Urban Meyer

Before delving into the reasons behind Urban Meyer’s sunglasses, it’s essential to understand the man himself. Meyer, a former college football player, began his coaching career as an assistant coach before working his way up to the head coach’s position. He’s known for his exceptional run at the University of Florida and Ohio State University, where he amassed three national championships.

Meyer’s coaching style is intense and focused, and his competitive nature is often visible on the field. His physical presence, including his wardrobe and accessories, is as much a part of his persona as his coaching tactics.

Reason 1: Practicality and Performance Enhancement

Coping with Glare

The most apparent reason for wearing sunglasses is to cope with the intense glare during day games. Football fields are massive, open areas, typically without any significant cover. On sunny days, the bright light can create a strong glare that might affect a coach’s ability to observe the field.

Sunglasses, especially polarized ones, reduce glare and enhance visual clarity. They allow Meyer to maintain his concentration during the game, scan the field, follow the ball, and observe his players without squinting or being bothered by harsh sunlight.

Enhancing Vision

The clarity of vision is another consideration. High-quality sports sunglasses are designed to enhance contrast and color saturation, allowing coaches to see more details and better identify movements on the field. Wearing sunglasses allows Meyer to make more accurate decisions based on what he sees, boosting his overall performance as a coach.

Reason 2: Health Considerations

The health implications of prolonged exposure to sunlight should not be overlooked. Sunlight, particularly its ultraviolet (UV) component, can damage the eyes, leading to conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration.

As a coach, Meyer spends a considerable amount of time outside, often in direct sunlight. By wearing sunglasses, he is taking a preventive measure to safeguard his eye health. It’s an essential reminder to all that protection from harmful UV rays is not just for the skin but also for the eyes.

Reason 3: Psychological Factors

Expression of Personality

Beyond the practical and health reasons, sunglasses can also be an expression of one’s personality. For Urban Meyer, his sunglasses might be a part of his personal brand. Coaches, like players, have a persona that they project, and it’s often expressed through their physical appearance and style.

Intimidation and Poker Face

In sports, the psychological game is just as important as the physical one. A pair of sunglasses can serve as a tool for psychological warfare. Meyer’s sunglasses can give him an air of mystery and intimidation, potentially disrupting the concentration of the opposing team.

Additionally, sunglasses can help maintain a poker face, concealing emotions and intentions. In high-stakes games, this can be a significant advantage as it prevents opponents from reading his reactions.


In conclusion, the reasons behind Urban Meyer’s signature sunglasses go far beyond fashion. The practical benefits they offer in terms of coping with glare and enhancing vision are crucial for his performance as a coach. The health considerations, given his prolonged exposure to sunlight, are not to be undermined. Lastly, the psychological factors associated with wearing sunglasses, both in terms of expressing his personality and potentially influencing the game’s dynamics, make them an essential part of his persona.

So, the next time you see Urban Meyer sporting those shades, you now know it’s not just about looking cool – there’s a lot more behind those lenses.

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