What to Engrave on Sunglasses?

What to Engrave on Sunglasses?

Sunglasses not only serve as a stylish accessory but also protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. They are a versatile fashion statement that can be personalized to reflect your unique style and personality. One way to make your sunglasses truly one-of-a-kind is by engraving them with a special message, initials, or a symbol. In this post, we will explore various ideas on what to engrave on sunglasses.

Personalized Initials or Monogram

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Engraving your initials or monogram on sunglasses is a classic and timeless option. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your eyewear. The initials can be engraved on the temple arm, lens, or even on the sunglasses’ case. Opting for your own initials or those of a loved one can make the sunglasses feel more personal and meaningful. Consider choosing a font style that complements the overall design of the sunglasses, whether it’s a sleek and modern style or a vintage-inspired frame.

Inspirational Quotes or Sayings

Engraving inspirational quotes or sayings on sunglasses is a wonderful way to express your personality and motivation. It can be a daily reminder of your goals, dreams, or values. Choose a quote that resonates with you and reflects your outlook on life. It could be something uplifting, empowering, or even humorous. Make sure to consider the available space on the sunglasses for engraving, as longer quotes may require larger frames or temples to accommodate them.

Significant Dates or Milestones

Engraving significant dates or milestones on sunglasses adds sentimental value and commemorates special moments in your life. It could be your birthday, anniversary, graduation date, or any other event that holds personal significance. Engraving dates on the temple arms or inside of the sunglasses can create a subtle and discreet customization. Another option is to engrave Roman numerals, which adds a unique and artistic touch to the design.

Symbols and Icons

Symbols and icons can be a creative way to personalize your sunglasses. Engraving a small symbol or icon that represents something meaningful to you can be a subtle yet impactful design choice. It could be a heart, star, feather, peace sign, or any other symbol that holds personal significance. This option allows for endless possibilities and customization, as you can choose a symbol that resonates with your interests, beliefs, or hobbies.

Custom Artwork or Patterns

For those who seek a truly unique and artistic touch, engraving custom artwork or patterns on sunglasses is a fantastic option. This can include intricate designs, mandalas, floral patterns, or any other artwork that you find appealing. Collaborating with a skilled engraver or artist can help bring your vision to life. Custom artwork engraving can transform your sunglasses into wearable art, making a bold fashion statement and showcasing your individuality.

Considerations and Tips for Engraving

When considering what to engrave on sunglasses, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

1. Space and Size: Consider the available space on the sunglasses for engraving and choose a design that fits well within that space. Delicate and intricate designs may require larger frames or temples to ensure clarity and visibility.

2. Material: Check the material of your sunglasses to ensure they are suitable for engraving. Most sunglasses with metal frames or temples can be engraved easily. However, some sunglasses with plastic or acetate frames may not be suitable for engraving.

3. Engraving Technique: There are different techniques for engraving sunglasses, including laser engraving and hand engraving. Research and consult with professionals to determine the best technique for your desired design.

4. Durability: Ensure that the engraving is done with high-quality tools and materials to ensure durability. Sunglasses are exposed to various conditions, so the engraving should withstand everyday wear and tear.


In conclusion, engraving your sunglasses can add a personal touch and elevate them from a fashion accessory to a cherished keepsake. Whether it’s initials, quotes, symbols, or custom artwork, the choice of engraving is a reflection of your unique style and personality. Consider the available space, materials, and durability when deciding on the engraving technique. With careful thought and creativity, your personalized sunglasses will become a standout piece that combines fashion and sentiment.

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