What Sunglasses does Crowley Wear in Good Omens?

What Sunglasses does Crowley Wear in Good Omens?

The demon Crowley is one of the main characters in the popular TV series Good Omens, based on the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Crowley wears a very distinctive pair of sunglasses throughout most of the show – but What Sunglasses does Crowley Wear in Good Omens?

Valentino VA2003

The sunglasses worn by Crowley in Good Omens are identified as Valentino VA2003. These sleek, futuristic-looking shades feature thin metal side shields surrounding the lenses in an oval shape. They have a very retro-inspired, almost steampunk aesthetic.

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The Valentino VA2003 sunglasses originally retailed for around $400 when they were still being produced. However, this specific Valentino model is now discontinued and no longer manufactured. Due to their iconic association with Crowley’s character, the glasses have become very sought-after by fans.

Discovering the Identity

Fans were very curious about the origins and designer brand of Crowley’s glasses in the show. It took some detective work to conclusively identify them as the Valentino VA2003 model.

Some helpful clues that led to finding the exact brand and model:

  • The unique metal side shield design
  • The oval lens shape
  • The bridge and temple details

Online sunglasses databases that identify eyewear spotted on celebrities and in films and TV shows were also useful in tracking them down.

Finding Alternatives

Since the real Valentino VA2003 sunglasses are now discontinued and difficult to find, fans have had to search for similar alternatives. These include:

  • Replicas: Such as the crowley glasses replicas made by Magnoli Clothiers, which recreate almost identical sunglasses with the same specifications. These replicas cost around $125.
  • Inspired styles: More affordable, inspired sunglasses can be found for $16-30 on sites like Amazon. While not exact copies, they mimic elements of the original Valentino design.
  • Second-hand marketplace: Some sellers on sites like eBay still have remaining stock of the original Valentinos. Prices range from $200-250 for pre-owned pairs in good condition. Limited availability.

Why the Sunglasses are Iconic

Crowley’s Valentino shades have become iconic and a recognizable part of his character’s look for several key reasons:

Unique and Stylish Design

The Valentino VA2003 model features a very unique and unconventional frame design for sunglasses. The thin metal side shields wrapping around oval-shaped lenses give them a very distinctive look.

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Mysterious and Intriguing

The glasses add an air of mystery and intrigue to Crowley’s persona in Good Omens. They allow him to hide his serpent eyes, protecting his demonic nature. This sparks curiosity over what he may be concealing behind the lenses.

Retro and Futuristic Vibes

There is something both retro and futuristic about the shape and metalwork of the Valentino shades. They possess a timeless quality spanning old and new. This contrasts well with Crowley’s character transcending human eras.

Cool Factor

In simplest terms, the sunglasses just look incredibly cool on Crowley. Their sleek styling complements the suave, edgy charisma that actor David Tennant brings to the role. The glasses are an iconic part of his effortless cool factor.

So in summary, while no longer made, the Valentino VA2003 sunglasses live on as an integral part of Crowley’s look in Good Omens. Their one-of-a-kind design encapsulates the mystery and style of his slick demon character. Even without access to the discontinued originals, fans can still emulate Crowley’s iconic shades.

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