Who Makes Kirkland Sunglasses?

Who Makes Kirkland Sunglasses?

Answers: Kirkland Signature polarized sunglasses are manufactured by eyewear giant Luxottica at their factories in China. Luxottica also makes sunglasses for most major designer brands.

Kirkland Signature, a private label owned by Costco Wholesale Corporation, has gained significant popularity over the years for its range of high-quality products offered at affordable prices. Among its extensive lineup, Kirkland sunglasses have become a go-to choice for many consumers seeking stylish eyewear without breaking the bank. In this article, we delve into the origins of this popular brand, exploring the manufacturer behind these sunglasses and shedding light on their production.

The Origins of Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Sunglasses

Kirkland Signature was established in 1995 by Costco Wholesale Corporation, a membership-based retail giant known for its bulk purchasing model and competitive pricing. The Kirkland Signature brand was launched with the intention of offering customers a selection of products that deliver exceptional value for money. Today, the brand encompasses a wide range of items, including household goods, clothing, electronics, and eyewear.

Exploring Kirkland Sunglasses

Kirkland sunglasses have garnered a loyal following due to their affordable prices, durability, and fashionable designs. These sunglasses offer various styles to suit different tastes and preferences, including aviators, wayfarers, sports sunglasses, and more. Despite their budget-friendly price point, these sunglasses are recognized for their quality construction and effective protection against harmful UV rays.

The Manufacturer

While Costco does not openly disclose the manufacturer of its Kirkland sunglasses, there have been several speculations and investigations to uncover the truth behind the production process. Over the years, multiple reports and consumer reviews have pointed to a few possible manufacturers linked to Kirkland sunglasses.

MJS Advertising

One of the most frequently cited manufacturers associated with these sunglasses is MJS Advertising. Based in California, MJS Advertising is a wholesale distribution company that specializes in promotional products and sunglasses. Although there is no official confirmation, MJS Advertising is believed to be the manufacturer behind these sunglasses. Their expertise in the sunglasses industry and ability to produce eyewear at a large scale aligns with Kirkland Signature’s business model.


Another manufacturer that has been mentioned in relation to Kirkland sunglasses is Gatorz, an American eyewear brand known for its high-performance sunglasses. Gatorz is recognized for its durable frames, which are often constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy. Some consumers have drawn similarities between the construction and design of Gatorz sunglasses and Kirkland sunglasses, leading to speculation about a potential connection between the two brands.

Safilo Group

The Safilo Group, an Italian eyewear company, has also been rumored to be involved in the production of Kirkland sunglasses. Safilo is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of eyewear, producing a wide range of brands including Carrera, Dior, and Fendi. The company’s reputation for crafting high-quality sunglasses has led some consumers to draw parallels between Safilo’s products and the affordable yet reliable sunglasses.


While the exact manufacturer of Kirkland sunglasses remains undisclosed by Costco, several possibilities have been suggested by consumers and industry experts. MJS Advertising, Gatorz, and Safilo Group have all been linked to the production of sunglasses due to various similarities in construction, design, and quality. Regardless of the actual manufacturer, these sunglasses continue to offer customers an attractive combination of style, affordability, and functionality. As with any private label product, the focus lies on delivering value to consumers, and their Signature has certainly achieved that with its sunglasses line.

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