What Sunglasses Does Rickie Fowler Wear?

What Sunglasses Does Rickie Fowler Wear?

Rickie Fowler, a golfing superstar known for his unique, vibrant style, is an inspiration to both budding and established golfers around the globe. From his Puma caps and high-top golf shoes to his colorful, patterned outfits, his fashion-forward approach on the greens is unmistakable. Among the most prominent components of his on-course ensemble are his sunglasses. So, what sunglasses does Rickie Fowler wear? The answer is Puma Eyewear, specifically the model “Exoinduct.”

The Puma- Rickie Fowler Partnership

Rickie Fowler sunglasses


Rickie Fowler has had a long-standing relationship with the sports brand Puma. Their collaboration began in 2009 when Rickie turned professional, and Puma became his principal apparel sponsor. Over the years, this partnership has grown into a comprehensive branding strategy that includes everything from his signature clothing line to the sunglasses he wears on the course.

Puma Eyewear

Puma Eyewear is a line of high-performance sunglasses designed to meet the demands of various sports, including golf. Their sunglasses are known for their innovative features, stylish designs, and premium quality, making them a perfect match for Fowler’s distinctive style and performance needs.

The Exoinduct Model

Design and Features

The Exoinduct model, favored by Fowler, is designed to provide an ideal balance of performance and style. These sunglasses have a sleek, semi-rimless design that offers an unobstructed field of vision, crucial for golfers who need to keep their eye on the ball in various lighting conditions and angles.

They feature polarized lenses with anti-reflective coating, minimizing glare and enhancing clarity, an essential aspect for a sport that requires precision and a keen eye. The sunglasses also boast high-contrast lenses that help improve depth perception, particularly useful when evaluating distance on the green.

Durability and Comfort

When it comes to endurance, the Exoinduct model doesn’t disappoint. They are built to withstand the rigors of active sports like golf, featuring a sturdy, lightweight frame made from high-grade polycarbonate. Furthermore, they have rubber nose pads and temple tips for a secure, comfortable fit that stays put even with the sweat and motion of a golf game.

UV Protection

Another crucial element of any sports eyewear is the level of protection they offer from harmful UV rays. The Exoinduct sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, shielding the eyes from potential damage during long hours spent on the golf course under the sun.

Why Does Fowler Choose Puma Exoinduct?

Rickie Fowler’s choice of the Puma Exoinduct sunglasses is not surprising, given their performance benefits, durability, comfort, and style. The sunglasses’ unique design complements his bold and colorful fashion choices on the golf course.

Performance and Protection

From a performance standpoint, the Exoinduct sunglasses provide the clear, high-contrast vision that Fowler needs to play his best golf. The UV protection is vital for his eye health, especially considering the extended hours he spends on the course during training and tournaments.

Comfort and Durability

Comfort and durability are two more significant factors in Fowler’s choice. The lightweight, durable frame and comfortable fit make the Exoinduct model perfect for the demands of professional golf.


Lastly, Fowler has always been known for his unique style. The sleek design and aesthetic appeal of the Exoinduct sunglasses align perfectly with his taste, further solidifying his image as a style icon in the golfing world.

Final Thoughts

Rickie Fowler’s choice of sunglasses is as unique as his style. While the Puma Exoinduct model offers a plethora of technical features, it is also a reflection of his distinctive fashion sense. These sunglasses not only provide Fowler with performance, protection, and comfort on the course but also act as an accessory that complements his vibrant golf outfits. In essence, they are a perfect match for a golfer who is as focused on style as he is on his game.

In conclusion, if you aspire to mirror Fowler’s performance and style, the Puma Exoinduct sunglasses are undoubtedly a worthy investment. You may not be able to replicate his swing or his putting skills, but you can certainly share his vision and style with a pair of these sunglasses.

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