How to Remove Ray Ban Lenses?

How to Remove Ray Ban Lenses?

Ray-Ban sunglasses are known for their iconic style and high-quality lenses. However, there may come a time when you need to replace or clean the lenses of your Ray-Ban sunglasses. Removing the lenses from your Ray-Ban sunglasses can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and a careful approach, it can be done easily and safely. In this post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process on how to remove Ray Ban lenses.

Steps to Remove Ray Ban Lenses

Ray-Ban Rb3025 Classic Gradient Aviator Sunglasses

Tools Required

Before you begin, make sure you have the following tools handy:

  1. Microfiber cloth or lens cleaning solution.
  2. Small screwdriver set.
  3. Soft, clean cloth or towel.
  4. Lens replacement kit (if you plan to replace the lenses).

Step 1: Preparation

Start by finding a clean and well-lit workspace where you can comfortably work on your Ray-Ban sunglasses. Make sure to lay down a soft cloth or towel to protect the lenses and frames from scratches or damage during the process. It’s also a good idea to wash your hands thoroughly to remove any oils or dirt that could transfer to the lenses.

Step 2: Identify the Lens Type

Ray-Ban sunglasses come in different lens types, such as non-polarized, polarized, mirrored, or prescription lenses. The method of removing the lenses may vary slightly depending on the type of lens you have. It’s essential to identify the lens type before proceeding further.

Step 3: Remove the Screws

Using a small screwdriver from your set, locate the screws that hold the lenses in place. These screws are usually located on the inside of the sunglasses, near the bridge or the hinges. Carefully unscrew each screw using gentle pressure, making sure not to apply too much force that could damage the frame or the screws.

Step 4: Remove the Lenses

Once the screws are removed, you can now gently push the lenses out from the front of the sunglasses. Start from one side and apply even pressure until the lens pops out of the frame. Be cautious not to exert too much force that could break or crack the lens. Repeat the process for the other lens.

Step 5: Clean or Replace the Lenses

Now that you have successfully removed the lenses, you can choose to clean them or replace them entirely, depending on your needs.

If you plan to clean the lenses, use a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning solution specifically designed for eyewear. Gently wipe the lenses in a circular motion, removing any smudges, fingerprints, or debris. Avoid using harsh chemicals or rough materials that could scratch the lens surface.

If you want to replace the lenses, you can purchase a lens replacement kit from an authorized Ray-Ban dealer or an online retailer. These kits typically include replacement lenses and any necessary tools for installation. Follow the instructions provided in the kit to install the new lenses onto your sunglasses.

Step 6: Reassemble the Sunglasses

Once you have cleaned or replaced the lenses, it’s time to reassemble your Ray-Ban sunglasses. Carefully align the lenses with the frame and insert them from the front. Make sure they fit snugly into the frame without any gaps or misalignment.

Next, reattach the screws using the small screwdriver. Start by inserting the screw into the hole and gently tighten it until it’s secure. Be cautious not to overtighten the screws, as it could damage the frame.

Step 7: Final Inspection

Before you consider the task complete, take a few moments to inspect your sunglasses for any signs of damage or misalignment. Ensure that the lenses are securely in place, the screws are tight but not too tight, and there are no visible scratches or defects.


Removing Ray-Ban lenses may seem intimidating at first, but with a systematic approach and the right tools, it can be a straightforward process. Remember to work in a clean and well-lit area, take your time, and handle the lenses and screws with care. Whether you choose to clean or replace the lenses, following these steps will help you maintain your Ray-Ban sunglasses and ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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