Where are Wiley X Sunglasses Made?

Where are Wiley X Sunglasses Made?

If you’re an aficionado of high-quality, durable sunglasses suitable for both rugged outdoor activities and everyday use, you’ve likely heard of Wiley X. Established in 1987, Wiley X is a globally-renowned company known for its premium eyewear, with a reputation that extends far beyond fashion. They are recognized for providing sunglasses that meet high safety standards and offer unparalleled protection. But where are Wiley X sunglasses made? Let’s dive in and explore the manufacturing origins of Wiley X sunglasses.

The Roots of Wiley X

Wiley X sunglasses

Before we delve into the manufacturing location, let’s first examine the roots of Wiley X. This global leader in the eyewear industry was founded in Livermore, California, in the United States. Initially, Wiley X focused on creating ballistic safety glasses for the U.S. military. The goal was to protect the soldiers from the dangers of shrapnel and other high-speed projectiles.

Over the years, Wiley X transitioned from only providing military-grade protection to branching out into the commercial market. Now, they cater to a broad spectrum of customers including law enforcement, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and even those who simply need high-quality, fashionable, and protective eyewear for daily use. The firm’s history and experience in making durable, safe glasses have led to the creation of a robust range of eyewear products, appreciated globally.

Wiley X: A Symbol of American Craftsmanship

Many who are familiar with Wiley X sunglasses often regard them as a symbol of American craftsmanship, and rightly so. Wiley X is proud to say that several of their most popular models are produced in the United States. This doesn’t just speak to a mark of quality and durability but also to the company’s commitment to uphold American manufacturing standards.

Models such as the “Black Ops” collection, “Climate Control” series, and certain models of their “Active Lifestyle” series are manufactured domestically. The frames and lenses for these glasses are made in America, maintaining stringent quality control standards. Wiley X has a dedicated facility in the U.S. where these sunglasses are assembled, undergoing rigorous testing before reaching the consumer.

International Manufacturing Support

Despite a significant portion of their eyewear being made in the United States, it’s essential to note that Wiley X does utilize international support to meet their production needs. Certain components, models, and lines of Wiley X glasses are produced in factories located in Asia, primarily Taiwan and China. This international manufacturing support allows Wiley X to maintain a healthy supply of products and meet the increasing global demand for their eyewear.

It’s important to highlight that even with this overseas production, Wiley X ensures that these international facilities adhere to the same high-quality standards as their American counterparts. This ensures the production of superior, safe, and comfortable eyewear, regardless of where they are manufactured.

Ensuring Quality: From Production to Customer

Whether produced domestically or internationally, each Wiley X sunglasses pair undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the necessary safety standards. For instance, every pair of Wiley X glasses meets the ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for optical clarity and high mass/high-velocity impact protection. This means you can rest assured that your eyes will remain protected in various conditions.

In addition to their commitment to safety, Wiley X’s quality assurance protocols ensure that every pair of sunglasses is free from manufacturing defects, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Sustainability in Manufacturing

Wiley X’s commitment to safety and quality doesn’t come at the expense of the environment. As a company, they have taken conscious steps to reduce their environmental footprint in their manufacturing process. They do this by using recyclable materials wherever possible and by following energy-efficient processes.


In summary, Wiley X sunglasses are primarily manufactured in the United States, with some components and models also being produced in China and Taiwan. Regardless of the manufacturing location, every pair of sunglasses from Wiley X meets the same high-quality, safety, and durability standards. The brand’s commitment to American manufacturing standards, quality assurance, and environmental sustainability sets it apart in the eyewear industry and is a testament to their dedication to providing the best for their customers.

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